Armin Greder: The City

The City


Some time ago, in a big city in a distant country where winter would sometimes last three years, there lived a woman. She had a child. A son. And because she loved him very much she promised herself that he should be spared the terrible things that happen in life, and with him in her arms she left her house and the city and in a place where there were no roads and no bridges she built him a house and in it she cared for him and was happy. But one moonless night she died...

Dickory Dock has come to 12 Cobble Lane to take the job as painter's assistant to the artist Garson. The townhouse looks charming and quaint, but inside its redbrick walls lurk suspicious characters, multiple mysteries, and one very eccentric portrait artist. Clues abound; and suddenly Dickory finds herself assisting Garson not in art but in crime solving. Can Dickory untangle the web of mysteries within mysteries and discover the true secret hiding on Cobble Lane? Michael Wood retraces Alexander the Greats amazing journey from Greece to India, searching for the truth behind the legend and experiencing the tremendous scale of his achievements. Using the ancient historians as his guides, Wood follows Alexanders journey as closely as possible, crossing deserts and rivers, from Turkey to war-torn Afghanistan. As the journey progresses, he recreates the drama of Alexanders epic marches and bloody battles. All along the way he finds proof of the survival of the legends surrounding Alexander, a leader whose life has excited the worlds imagination for the 2,000 years. 'Wood tells a glorious story with some very dark shadows.' New York Times 'Wood is a perceptive, entertaining and enthusiastic The City free ebook companion.' Sunday Times 'Wood is a lively storyteller.' The Washington Post

Author: Armin Greder
Number of Pages: 32 pages
Published Date: 20 Jul 2010
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Publication Country: Sydney, Australia
Language: English
ISBN: 9781742371429
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